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baconz1343: you know it,i red line that bitch in 3rd gear and dump the clutch and find out if the truck can take it or not lol!! some times it ends up a bad ass smoke show but alot of times i end up hearin BAM and i sit there..lol Oct 30, 2014 16:54:27 GMT -6
Hillbilly: Why break yours when you can break someone else's? Smart man. Oct 30, 2014 16:02:23 GMT -6
Mr. D: So you broke other folks trucks....typical Oct 30, 2014 15:14:08 GMT -6
baconz1343: its not even our trucks that i work on. Oct 30, 2014 7:44:54 GMT -6
Chris: But no, I'm not putting up a private section. That's why you have a screenshots thread, and a 3d modeling thread for renders. Oct 30, 2014 7:37:53 GMT -6
Chris: Maybe he broke all his dad's trucks, and now he's gotta work in a shop to fix em all. too much speeding eh? :P Oct 30, 2014 7:36:48 GMT -6 *
Mr. D: It's a problem in murica, cause as you can tell half the population over here is certified stupid Oct 30, 2014 6:12:52 GMT -6
Hammer: now your fixing trucks for $25.00 an hour. Your shit talking is becoming to much bro. Oct 30, 2014 5:19:13 GMT -6
Hammer: baconz-ass, last I heard you where rolling down the highway with your dad all the time, Oct 30, 2014 5:19:03 GMT -6
BigBeast 7283: i was not meaning copy write others work sir i was refering to Real Life Work when i really start building rigs Oct 30, 2014 2:55:25 GMT -6
Bora: If you get surrounded by stupid at Work all day I suggest you ind a new job ;) Not worth it at all if so..!! Oct 30, 2014 0:26:36 GMT -6
Flight 758: I go to work all day and get surrounded by stupid, then I come home, get on here, and get surrounded all over again... Oct 29, 2014 23:41:58 GMT -6
James60470: I recorded video of my truck running tonight, in and around/outside of the truck. Oct 29, 2014 19:09:14 GMT -6
James60470: Copyrighting things that are not yours is illegal. and most things on your truck including your truck isn't made by you. Oct 29, 2014 19:08:48 GMT -6
Mr. D: ??? yup, its gone full retard here. Oct 29, 2014 18:20:29 GMT -6
BigBeast 7283: hell im goin back to school to get my GED and Copy Write My Work here guys so im 1 step ahead of Baconz haha Oct 29, 2014 17:55:10 GMT -6
Mr. D: :wat: Oct 29, 2014 17:43:32 GMT -6
Jon: Diploma FTW Oct 29, 2014 16:03:46 GMT -6
James60470: He dropped his education and is now making 25 DOLLARS an hour. Oct 29, 2014 15:55:49 GMT -6
baconz1343: sorry im not in school,yes im a drop out,to get a job makein 25 dollors a hour workin on trucks at a shop in our town so shit talk and hate all you want i really don't care. Oct 29, 2014 15:50:15 GMT -6
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