Post your screenshots here.... NO PNG'S!!! (Read 87,912 times)


baconz1343: its not even our trucks that i work on. Oct 30, 2014 7:44:54 GMT -6
Chris: But no, I'm not putting up a private section. That's why you have a screenshots thread, and a 3d modeling thread for renders. Oct 30, 2014 7:37:53 GMT -6
Chris: Maybe he broke all his dad's trucks, and now he's gotta work in a shop to fix em all. too much speeding eh? :P Oct 30, 2014 7:36:48 GMT -6 *
Mr. D: It's a problem in murica, cause as you can tell half the population over here is certified stupid Oct 30, 2014 6:12:52 GMT -6
Hammer: now your fixing trucks for $25.00 an hour. Your shit talking is becoming to much bro. Oct 30, 2014 5:19:13 GMT -6
Hammer: baconz-ass, last I heard you where rolling down the highway with your dad all the time, Oct 30, 2014 5:19:03 GMT -6
BigBeast 7283: i was not meaning copy write others work sir i was refering to Real Life Work when i really start building rigs Oct 30, 2014 2:55:25 GMT -6
Bora: If you get surrounded by stupid at Work all day I suggest you ind a new job ;) Not worth it at all if so..!! Oct 30, 2014 0:26:36 GMT -6
Flight 758: I go to work all day and get surrounded by stupid, then I come home, get on here, and get surrounded all over again... Oct 29, 2014 23:41:58 GMT -6
James60470: I recorded video of my truck running tonight, in and around/outside of the truck. Oct 29, 2014 19:09:14 GMT -6
James60470: Copyrighting things that are not yours is illegal. and most things on your truck including your truck isn't made by you. Oct 29, 2014 19:08:48 GMT -6
Mr. D: ??? yup, its gone full retard here. Oct 29, 2014 18:20:29 GMT -6
BigBeast 7283: hell im goin back to school to get my GED and Copy Write My Work here guys so im 1 step ahead of Baconz haha Oct 29, 2014 17:55:10 GMT -6
Mr. D: :wat: Oct 29, 2014 17:43:32 GMT -6
Jon: Diploma FTW Oct 29, 2014 16:03:46 GMT -6
James60470: He dropped his education and is now making 25 DOLLARS an hour. Oct 29, 2014 15:55:49 GMT -6
baconz1343: sorry im not in school,yes im a drop out,to get a job makein 25 dollors a hour workin on trucks at a shop in our town so shit talk and hate all you want i really don't care. Oct 29, 2014 15:50:15 GMT -6
RBR-DUK: Heavy Breathing ;-| Oct 29, 2014 15:24:43 GMT -6
Mr. D: You and bacon fit into the same boat for I wish would sail back to tp and stay Oct 29, 2014 15:19:21 GMT -6
BigBeast 7283: well said @mr.D you allways know what to say man haha :)) Oct 29, 2014 15:17:01 GMT -6
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